The Office of Recovery is assisting the Governor’s Office in monitoring COVID-19 relief funding going directly to state agencies.

State agencies are required to submit relevant information related to any programs funded under the CARES Act, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, or the American Rescue Plan Act, within 7 days of notice or 3 days of submission to the respective federal agency.

Additionally, state agencies are required to submit the relevant documents for all programs whose allocated or requested funding is greater than or equal to $1M within the following time frames:

  • 7 days from day of receipt for any document received from a federal agency
  • 3 days prior to the due date for any documents the state agency is required to submit to a federal agency
  • 10 days prior to the due date of any documents requiring a signature or certification from the GO or RO
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**** Please refer to Accounting Information Circular 21-A-009 for requirement that all agencies in receipt of COVID-19 relief awards create and communication unique funding streams using a combination of budget units, project IDs, and/or program codes in SMART.

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